Turning HOPE into REALITY

Hope is the belief that a positive outcome lies ahead when facing an emotionally overwhelming event. This belief can be difficult to hold onto in the face of a serious medical condition. Creating a sense of hope in your life can help you face a serious life event with strength and confidence. Experiencing a serious medical condition on any level can be emotionally overwhelming. Our hope at Alpha is to provide knowledge that will help you better understand your condition and the treatments available to you, as well as the wealth of resources we have to support you. Understanding your treatment options enables you and your clinical care team to make the right decisions. Even after treatment ends, medical conditions can impact your life. Alpha is here for you throughout your journey because we know things aren’t easy but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We work as one team, united by a common purpose, GIVING our patients HOPE.

COMPASSION is woven into the heart and soul of our company. Compassion for our patients, their families, and our team members. Our passion for serving others starts with our own team of incredible people because we believe that providing opportunities to our own members to engage and build community helps them work more effectively for our patients. We offer compassion not only through treatment, but also through advocacy, our approach to research, exquisite care and through our day-to-day relationships with every patient. We demonstrate this compassion by showing empathy and treating our patients with dignity and respect.

Your Participation Starts Here….

You have the opportunity to collaborate with Alpha’s compassionate team of research professionals in advancing health and wellness for you and the community through clinical trials. Your participation in our clinical studies makes a difference in lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe resulting in saving lives, accelerating medical cures and transforming the future of healthcare.

Here at Alpha, we know you may be unsure of the clinical trial process, so our team takes the time to ensure you are fully informed about clinical trial treatments, procedures, timelines, compensation, and more before you give your consent to participate in a clinical trial. While participating in our studies, Alpha makes monitoring your safety a top priority. You will have regular visits with our study staff and stay in contact regularly telephonically. We monitor your progress daily, a clinical service not offered in a standard of care setting.

Why We Conduct Clinical Trials?

  • Provides patients and research staff firsthand knowledge of promising new life-changing therapies.
  • Keeps our research staff at the forefront of knowledge in our specialty.
  • Makes otherwise unobtainable treatments available to patients.
  • Turns science into a practical benefit for those who desperately need it.

As clinical professionals, we often see patients struggle clinically with existing therapies. We also see the tremendous financial burden treatment takes on families. Conducting clinical research on the latest investigational products gives patients better control over their medical treatments through options not available in a traditional way. Additionally, patients participating in clinical trials usually learn more about their condition, have access to one-on-one direct contact with their research coordinators and relief of some financial burden standard therapies on the market include.

Benefits of Patient Participation…

  • Receive the most up-to-date treatments.
  • Giving patients the opportunity to contribute to the development of medical treatments for you and others like you.
  • Provides FREE study related diagnostic tests, lab work, radiological tests, medical exams, genetic testing, exquisite clinical care and investigational treatments.
  • Understanding of your illness and provided education to you and your family.
  • Compensation for time and travel.

Who Will Review the Study?

While your personal and health information is protected, there are certain government and private agencies that must review our study as part of the development of future treatments and medications. They include the following:

IRB — The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is composed of many different healthcare providers and members of the public who review the ethics of a study before it can be conducted. This group looks after your protections as a study volunteer.

Government Agencies — Agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada and European Medicines Agency, regulate what medications and treatments are available to the public. They ensure the safety of new or existing treatments before they can be prescribed or sold.

Alpha Team — Our team of experienced research coordinators and physicians ensure that the study is running smoothly and according to the necessary regulations. They also keep track of your progress and interact with you when you visit the facility.

The Pharmaceutical Sponsor — The study sponsor commissions the study to be completed by The Alpha and prescribes exact procedures that must be followed. They monitor the progress of the clinical research study.


The number one question we receive from participants concerns the safety of our trials. All studies have risks and benefits which the study staff will go over with you. Our Principal Investigators supervise every single participant involved in our trials. You will receive a study-related physical and blood work before the trial begins. We monitor you from beginning to end.
At The Alpha, we take additional steps to make clinical trials safe. If you experience any adverse reactions, we may immediately stop administering the current investigational drug or procedure. If you participate in one of our clinical trials, you have the ability to ask questions or leave the study at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Your participation is completely voluntary.
We understand the importance of your privacy. Your personal information will remain confidential.
Experience You Can Trust to Keep Clinical Trials Safe
After years of conducting clinical trials, our research staff has the experience to conduct research and answer any questions you may have.
Because the government requires pharmaceutical companies to conduct continuing research, many of the medications and procedures used in our clinical trials are already readily available on the market today. You may already take the medication we are testing.
If you have any more questions, simply contact us.


What is a Clinical Research Trial?
A clinical study is research designed to test new investigational drugs, devices, or procedures to see if they work and are safe. This informational sheet attempts to answer some key questions as you decide, with the assistance of your doctor and family, whether you should participate in a clinical study.

What can I expect if I participate in a Clinical Research Trial?
To determine if a new investigational drug is safe and effective, some study participants may take medication; others may take a placebo (sugar pill/solution). If you decide to volunteer for a clinical study, you will learn about the potential risks and benefits of participating in a specific study when you review the study informed consent form with study personnel. You will also learn that you will be carefully monitored by doctors and nurses, that government health authorities and a medical ethics group will oversee the research, that you can stop participation freely at any time and that you will be compensated for your time and travel. As a clinical study volunteer, you may be asked to:

  • Visit a health-care provider regularly
  • Take medication
  • Have laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Change your diet and exercise habits

When considering participating in a Clinical Research Trial, what questions should I ask?
Choosing to participate in a clinical research study is an important decision. Here are some questions you may want to discuss with your doctor and your clinical study team:

  • What is the purpose of this study?
  • What are the potential benefits, and are there any foreseeable risks or discomforts?
  • How long will I be in the study?
  • How often will I need to visit the office?
  • What tests will I need?
  • Is there a chance I will receive a placebo?
  • Have other people been treated with this drug before in clinical studies?
  • Will I continue to see my own personal doctor?
  • What are my treatment options if I don’t participate in the study?

What is an Informed Consent?
Informed Consent is an acknowledgement that you understand the potential risks and benefits of the clinical trial and that you are freely deciding to participate.

Who is eligible for a Clinical Research Trial?
Most people are eligible to participate in clinical trials. Many trials are for individuals that have a specific condition or illness and may benefit from the new treatment.

What are the potential risks of participating in a Clinical Research Trial?
While there is much to be gained by participating in a study, there are some potential risks as well:

  • Side effects from the medication may occur.
  • In some studies you may receive a placebo, which contains no actual medication. There are no guarantees that treatment will work.

You should carefully consider both the benefits and the risks of participation before enrolling in a clinical study.